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Problematic Orchestra is a semi-professional contemporary chamber orchestra based in Whitehorse, Yukon.
Under the direction of composer Daniel Janke, this eclectic ensemble is made up of approximately 24 musicians from a diverse musical diaspora. The ensemble presents a repertoire that crosses genres, blending the rigour of contemporary and classical music with improvisation and a modern sensibility.

photos:  Bruce Barrett

Longest Night Society

The mandate of Longest Night Society is to support the development of Problematic Orchestra, and large ensemble music performance practice in Northern Canada. Current board members and staff include: Brendan Hanley-president; Katie Avery-vice president; Kim Tanner-treasurer; Joan Stanton-secretary; Andrea McColeman; and Daniel Janke-artistic director.

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Longest Night 2018

The 2018 winter solstice concert with Problematic Orchestra features commissioned works from Olivier de Colombel, Bronwen Duncan, Matthew Lien, Anna Avery, Scott Maynard, and Daniel Janke.

Our theme for Longest Night 2018 is folksongs.

: a traditional or composed song typically characterized by stanzaic form, refrain, and simplicity of melody: a song created by the people of a country or region : a song sung in folk music. – Webster

The theme is inspired in part by composer Luciano Berios seminal work of the same title. The program will be comprised of new works as well as contemporary arrangements of songs from various folk traditions, and from various time periods.

For tickets and information, please visit the Yukon Arts Centre here.

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Our History

Longest Night Society was formed in 1995 to present the annual winter solstice concerts in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. In 1999 the company released the CD recording not too dark, which can be purchased here.

Beginning in 2016, the society adopted a mandate to support the development of Problematic Orchestra, a semi-professional contemporary chamber orchestra based in Whitehorse, Yukon.


The 2017 Problematic Orchestra winter solstice concert series featured new works by northern Canadian composers Carmen Braden, Olivier de Colombel, Daniel Janke, Scott Maynard, and Andrea McColeman, as well as works adapted from Claudio Monteverdi. Also on the program was a partnership work by director Daniel Janke , commissioned by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra Canadian Mosaic project. Small Song for Orchestra was also performed by the TSO on Nov. 3, 2017 at Roy Thompson Hall.

Listen to the TSO performance.
More information on the
 Canadian Mosaic project can be found here.

2017 Composers

Andrea McColeman, Carmen Braden, Daniel Janke, Olivier de Colombel, Scott Maynard

2017 Photos

2017 Videos

Every Freeze is Different – composed by Carmen Braden

Zombie Apocalypse – composed by Daniel Janke

Two Sleepless Songs – composed by Andrea McColeman

Aurora – composed by Olivier de Colombel

The Sun Peaks – composed by Scott Maynard


1995 – 2015

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Longest Night is a community event.

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